The Mount Baker Station Area has been the focus of several planning processes in the past 10 years in which the Mt. Baker community articulated a vision for a thriving, diverse, sustainable, and affordable town center. As public and private projects develop, there is opportunity for interdepartmental collaboration to best meet the community's vision and develop near-term recommendations such as potentially moving the Metro Transit Center closer to the light rail station and park/plaza space.

In late 2018, several agencies (including Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Sound Transit, King County Metro, and King County Wastewater Treatment) formed a partnership to work with the Urban Land Institute to convene a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP). The TAP will focus on public and private land directly next to the Mt. Baker light rail station. It is an objective team of seasoned professionals who will develop recommendations and identify near-term next steps toward implementing the community's vision.

As we prepare for this panel, we want to check in with community members to confirm what we’ve heard are still the main priorities through a short survey. The goal of the survey is to confirm top priorities and see if there is anything else we should be thinking about.

We will provide the survey results and other community planning documents to the Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel. We expect to have more to share on recommendations and next steps this summer. 

For questions about the TAP, please contact Quanlin Hu at OPCD (206) 386-1598 or

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